Portrait Photography featuring Akron Ohio photographer Mara Robinson
Hi, I'm Mara.

I'd love to make your photographs.

(Snow optional.)

When you commission me as an artist, you're getting someone who's doing far more than pushing a button. My work begins before your session date, and continues afterwards.I work on the right scene, lighting and settings to best capture your images.I shoot RAW, develop and retouch each image by hand to bring out the best in every frame.So if perhaps the investment might be a bit more than a shoot-and-burn person, the difference in time, effort, skill, experience, tools and quality is no comparison. Photos live on after us. Let's make sure yours are thoughtful, impactful, and legacy quality. 

Meet FreezeFrame

The History

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The Style

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The Experience

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Join in the Fun

I would recommend her to anyone.... Mara is the photographer you want to book, hands down.
Mara's photos are different/exciting/refreshing/so awesome! She's talented, kind, and easy to work with - 10/10 would recommend!
Mara always shows the patience and dedication to get that perfect shot. She captures the most magical and fleeting expressions.

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