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Have you ever tried to photograph jerky? It's almost impossible. Mara's photos perfectly showed the texture and character of our product.
Mara is one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with...and I've worked with a lot. She’s fun and funny and friendly, easy to work with, open to any and all ideas and suggestions, and has a bounty of her own unique and creative ideas and visions.
Mara's photos are different, exciting, refreshing, so awesome! She's talented, kind, and easy to work with - 10/10 would recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions
The answers to your questions
Why is professional photography so important?
Well-lit, high-resolution, carefully photographed images using the proper techniques that showcase your unique products are crucial to establishing a professional brand that stands out from the noise. When you invest in photos that accurately represent your product, potential customers trust you and can confidently make a purchase decision. When you deliver on your promises, you gain more satisfied, loyal customers.
Why should I choose Mara Robinson Photography?
Before I began my own professional photography business, I worked in advertising and marketing for 11 years. In addition to branding duties, I was in charge of selecting images for use in our clients' materials. I have the insight to understand your goals, work with you on ideas, and bring your visions to life.
What are your rates?
Investment depends on the scope and complexity of your project. Standard rates for products on a solid backdrop are available; just contact me for details.

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